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How Accessories Attach - DiamondBack, Badger, Occi....

DiamondBack Toolbelts:

A common method of attachment for DiamondBack Accessories would be using 2" steel belt clips. Some examples of his method would be the:
These can attach anywhere of your belt or pouches with a solid belt clip, as displayed in the image below of a Utility/Chisel Sheath.
Another method for attaching DiamondBack accessories would be bolts. A couple examples would be the Hammer Holster and Flat Bar Holster.

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Thirdly, the Hook and Loop System is another way of attaching DiamondBack Accessories. It's the same technique used for most DiamondBack Pouches as well as Badger Toolbelts.
Listed below are some examples:

Below is a video DiamondBack Damani made, showing how to attach a Hook and Loop Closure! 

The Lumbar Pad attaches seamlessly to the loop material inside all Diamondback Belts and Vests. Our Shoulder Pads are designed to wear with the 701 Vest or the Basic Suspenders. 
For the GoPax, attach a pair of GoClips to the stiff webbing and you can securely fasten GoPax to any number of Diamondback® tool bags.
A DiamondBack Carabiner is always a useful addition!!  With this tool, attach your Driver/ Drill bit case, MedPax Bag or Cord loop to your belt, or simply carry these in your pouches 👍

Badger Toolbelts:

They operate on a hook & loop closure system with velcro as well, these will be compatible with the DiamondBack range.

Occidental Leather:
For Occidental, most of their accessories attach via a belt loop, mostly accepting up to 3" wide belts. An example of this would be the 5522 shown below.

Another variant would be slots to attach. These accept all tool belts up to 3” wide. An example of this would be the 5012 Hammer Holder, pictured below.

The 5006 Hip Pads with Sheepskin require 1-2” extra belt length.

The 5328 - Clip-On Leather Phone Holster LG secures with a heavy-duty spring steel belt clip, and finished with an attractive Italian-styled drop clasp. 

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