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What's the most comfortable toolbelt to wear? - TF Tools Ltd

What's the most comfortable toolbelt to wear?

A long day on site is can be tough, mentally and physically. You want to be as efficient as you can. Carrying the right hand tools, the best way possible, will reduce time wasted on site.

Up and down the scaffold or back to the van either because you can't carry it or you've forgotten it. 

Having a toolbelt system with excellent tool organisation is key. Match what you carry to a tool pouch that is designed for it.

There are so many options out there for all trades and all capacities of carry.

We have spoken to some of you to hear what you think as well as recommended some best sellers for each brand.

@cr_joinery has owned a few toolbelt brands over the years and found his all time favourite;

My favourite toolbelt by far after trying all the other types I could find, has to be the Badger Toolbelts, the overall build quality is amazing and somehow when the belt is fully loaded it doesn’t feel heavy at all round your hips, the contoured belt distributes the weight perfectly! The wear in time is pretty much zero which is also a great benefit. They are holding up really well after 3 years of everyday use so long may it continue 🤙🏼

Are you the trade who "belts up" and wants to carry everything, then no problem you can do that!

Solutions such as the Badger Toolbelts Framer or Occidental Leather Big Oxy Framer 8580 will let you carry it all!

@mcqueeniemade has a range of brands, here he is wearing the popular large capacity DiamondBack Denali belt with Deluxe Suspenders to help distribute the weight of the carry.

Definitely team these with some suspenders to ensure comfort and help weight distribution across your shoulders and away from your hips. 🔗 Blog on suspenders.

If you want a mid level capacity carry check out the DiamondBack Toolbelts Artisan, Badger Toolbelts Carpenter or Occidental Leather 9525.
These would also be best suited with suspenders.

@elseadc is wearing the Badger Toolbelts Carpenter Toolbelt which has an integrated hammer holder on the right hand side. Left handed versions also available.

For a light carry then DiamondBack Toolbelts Chopo or Maestro or Badger Toolbelts Trimmer or Occidental Leather 6100T. These are neat compact carry systems which will provide some excellent storage solutions without a heavy weight carry. Ideal for internal second fix, finishing and trim work.

@tomrerjuvet also owner of many toolbelt brands over years tells us his favourite (image below);

My favorite set of toolbelt must be the DiamondBack Toolbelts Maestro setup due to how extremely lightweight it is. So small and compact, but still enough room for all the tools you need. And if you need extra room for fasteners you can easily clip on some accessories. Diamond is also very comfortable and extremely durable. It can withstand hard work in rough conditions, day in and day out 

If you need any advise or support on choosing a toolbelt then just let us know, we are happy to help. We have also written a series of blogs on how to build your Toolbelt here.

image credits: @elseadc @badgertoolbelts @tomrerjuvet @kompasparky @tokecity_matt88 @cr_joinery

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