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Martinez Hammers - the lowdown - TF Tools Ltd

Martinez Hammers - the lowdown

This is the full intro to Martinez Titanium hammers, get comfy, we have info for days!

Over the years we have tried and tested the best hammers out there for all types of carpentry work. The winner by far is the ultra lightweight titanium Martinez hammer range. 

Why listen to us?

We know they are good because we have used them on site in our roofing, joinery and oak framing projects with our carpentry business TF Timbers.
For more info on TF Scott's hammer journey - read our blog What is the best hammer brand?

Who invented them?

Martinez hammers are top of the game, designed by Mark Martinez the original inventor behind Stiletto.

This range is all about making your job more efficient, ergonomic and looking pretty damn good while doing it! Proudly made in the USA, they are built to last.


Why are they so efficient?

The Martinez hammers have been engineered a little different than other hammers.  The weight is at the head end, this allows for higher velocity swings, which lead to a bigger impact per nail. 

Over all this means less swing per nail = less swings per build, and minimal impact to your wrist, elbow and shoulder, as compared to the other brands. 

Since you’ve been swinging a lighter hammer, you’ve probably gotten use to your arm having to add an extra ‘ OMMPH’ at the point of impact with every swing, not with a Martinez   This time let the hammer do the work for you. 

Shock absorbing too, you say?

Also, the titanium of the handle and the material of the grip absorb most of the impact before it even channels to your body.   Swing this hammer for a week and you won’t go back. 

This is also a modular system.  Meaning, all M4 and M1 hammer parts are interchangeable: Head, Handle and Grip. 

Not necessary to buy a different hammer for every different function, simply change out the head when you get to that phase of the project. Also, a great feature, should you ever experience a failure. 

You’ll be able to troubleshoot your own hammer by simply changing out the part.  You’ll be back on the job in a matter of minutes, not months! 


Which hammer is best for me?

Our best seller is the M1 15oz, designed for all your roofing and first fix work.
The M4 12oz is the smaller, lighter weight version for joinery and second fix.
If you need some real heavy lifting, the M79 2lb sledge head will get the job done.
All the Martinez range is based on a steel head with a titanium handle, this means less striking force is required, when you are swinging a hammer all day long, you will notice the difference immediately.
A great alternative to the Estwing Ultra Framing Hammer (19oz) ,many of our customers have made the conversion.

Martinez hammers are modular, so it will last for years to come, the head, handle and grip are all replaceable. There is also a range of coloured grips and handles so you make your hammer as unique as you like.
📷Photo Creds: @gethinmeredith @martellotools @withbearhandsuk @jarlabpunktse
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