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Guide to your Dead On Set Up

Guide to your Dead On Set Up

We get asked this question a lot, how are the suspenders of my Dead On rig supposed to attach?

We thought we would help to explain this a little more for you.

When you receive your Dead On rig, you will notice that the suspenders will look to attach to the belt section using a small cable tie and small fabric hoop. This has been attached to the rig this way, to keep all of the parts together in transit and for display purposes! 

Dead On Image

It's worth noting this is not how the suspenders should attach...

You will receive some Velcro sections that attach around the belt! These will have the metal part stitched in and it is this part that you attach the suspenders too. 

See images below to show the Velcro sections...

Once the Velcro is attached and in place, clip on the suspenders and you are good to go! The cable tie and small fabric section is not needed to keep everything together.

Job done!!

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