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Tried & tested by you! Here are our top site pencils

Pica DRY Longlife Automatic Pen Graphite!!


Updated Pica DRY has a lot of new features:

  • Effective dust and moisture protection
  • New "Power Lock" mechanism: the duration of the lead holding power has been tripled and the longevity of the product once more has been noticeably improved
  • "LONGLIFE CAP" with extra strong clip and robust sharpener for long term use
  • Extremely sustainable thanks to refill ability
  • Convenient quiver cap with special clip for perfect one handed handling
  • Patented: The integrated sharpener in the quiver cap - always and immediately at hand
  • High value push mechanism for automatic lead feed in a stainless steel tube
  • Leads very easy to refill from the back end
  • The water resistant Summer leads is stable up to 70° C 

Tim Margereson ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Pica - say no more

This second gen pencil is fantastic. The clip on the quiver is nice and strong and holds it on your toolbelt really well, perfect single handed operation.
The in-built sharpener does an excellent job of getting to a very sharp tip and the pencil operation is really smooth.
Buy the extra lead pack when buying this pencil and you'll be sorted for ages.
Very highly recommended"


How to use the Pica Dry pen see here!!

Click here to check them out!


Pica DRY Refill Lead Packs

Pica DRY Refill Leads Packs are compatible with New Version Pica DRY Longlife Automatic Pen Graphite and Hultafors Dry pencil refillable

  • Its FOR ALL graphite lead 2B marks on almost any surface, whether dry, wet, glossy, rough or dusty
  • Most versatile capabilities due to special leads: for bright or dark surfaces, in water soluble or water jet resistant

  • Review

    Oli lee ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "Super easy to use

    If you have a pica then you will need these. Has a little case keeps them save whilst stored in your toolbox. Simply slide them in the pics pen and your done."

    Click here to check them out!

    PRECISION WITHOUT SHARPENING-Pica DRY Precise 0.9mm Fine Graphite Pen


    The special lead diameter of only 0.9 mm is ideal for fine and precise marking, without sharpening

    High-tech push mechanism:

    • for automatic lead feed
    • for a long-lasting lead holding power

     Click here to check them out!!

     Pica Fine Dry Graphite lead H 7050 for use with Pica DRY Precise 0.9mm Fine Graphite Pen


    For highest precision:  

    • Ideal for fine and precise marking, without sharpening thanks to special lead diameter of only 0.9 mm 
    • Extra hard lead for joiners for most precise markings
    • Not suitable for smooth and glossy surfaces
    • Its integrated large eraser enables quick correction of markings
    • Diameter: 0,9 mm, Length: 60 mm

    In new robust refill box: no risk of losing the cap, as it is opened by turning.

    Click here to check it!!

    Another on-point site pencil - Hultafors Dry pencil refillable

    Grip-friendly pen, built-in sharpener for clear marking, the shape of the holster ensures that the pen stays in place even when you move, via a hole in the bottom of the holster, dirt and moisture are led away from the pen for a longer durability. Easy to change lead. 


    Tim Margereson ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "Great little pencil

    Bought these as tf tools were out of stock of the Pica.
    Very nice pencil, the quiver has a strong clip and it's easy to pull the pencil one handed.
    The in-built sharpener makes a great job of getting a fine point.
    Order a set of refill leads with this pencil and you'll be sorted for months.
    Would definitely recommend"


    • Grip-friendly and ergonomic design.
    • Roll stop on both pen and holster.
    • Sharp and accessible sharpener placed in the holster
    • Optimized pin for durability and resistance to moisture
    • Refill is available with 10 pins in a smart container

      Click here to check them!!

      Available refills here!!

      Pica BIG Dry Longlife Construction Marker

      Very robust and long lasting. Automatic lead feed at the push of a button. Refillable with different leads for most versatile capabilities.








      Jamie Griffiths ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

      "Highly recommend

      Any person in the trade will know how quickly you get through pencils, which also means spending a lot of time sharpening them for it just to break. This is a game changer, I never have to worry about sharpening again. If it does need more lead, it’s there at the click of a button!"


      Click here to check them!!

      Refills available here!!

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