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Got a tax rebate? Top 3 gear to spend it on - TF Tools Ltd

Got a tax rebate? Top 3 gear to spend it on

Do you have a tax rebate & a case of the "spends"?




Buy kit that works for you, saves you time, effort, energy & lasts.

Here are the top 3 tools/systems to add to your kit if you don't already have them.

1. Martinez Hammer


if you haven't about these hammers, they will change your life on site. Lightweight & ergonomic, less effort is required to swing them, so you get the job done quicker but with less impact on your body.



Read more about what Martinez hammer is best for you in these blog posts; 

How do you choose the right hammer for you? 

What's the difference between a Martinez M1 & M4 hammer?

2. Toolbelts & suspenders

Toolbelts are increasing common on site, they keep your everyday carry (EDC) on hand at all times. 


Brands such as DiamondBack Toolbelts, Badger Toolbelts, Occidental Leather & Buckaroo have designed excellent trade specific tool organisation so you can chose a bespoke system that suits your EDC.

The most important aspect of the toolbelt systems are the belt which should sit in the small of the back & provide a level of back support & a set of suspenders. When you team suspenders with a good support belt, this helps to further distrubute the weight of your carry across your shoulders & away from your hips.

Read the blog series below, which features reviews on different brands by our customers;

Toolbelts - Where to start?

 3. Exceptional auger bits

These Japanese-made, WoodOwl Ultra Smooth auger bits are unbeatable. We used these for years in our oak framing projects before we became their European distrubutor. Over the last eight years, no other brands has come close to the finish of these.

Triple bladed, teflon coated, clean exit & entry holes, minimal breakout & long life span, they can also be resharpened with a needle file.

These are really an investment, with unrivalled cutting ability

Explore our full range Wood Boring Auger Bits and shop it!

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