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Get your tapes at the ready... Tape Holders - TF Tools Ltd

Get your tapes at the ready... Tape Holders

We know how important set ups are to everyday ease when working on site, so we have just compiled a few of our brands and the tape holders that they have to offer and we can offer here at TF Tools. 

The two most popular items offered from DiamondBack are the Easy release tape holster which comes in a small size and also a Deluxe version.

The small tape holster is literally designed solely for an easy and compact compartment for you to store your tape. With a clip on the back, you can literally attach it to any part of your belt or pouch. 

DiamondBack Easy-Release Tape Holster – Deluxe - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd

The Deluxe offers eight outer slots for pencils, markers or bits as well as the main compartment for your tape. From the image you can see you can even clip on a pica which is super handy! 

Occidental Leather

Occidental also offers a few great variations for those tape measures of yours. 

Occidental Leather 5037 - High Mount Tape Holder - Occidental LeatherTF Tools Ltd

The Occidental 5037, is a simple yet effective design. Made from their quality leather, this little beauty is a high mount which holds up to a 30' tape.. Perfect to be fitted onto any belt up to 3". 

Occidental Leather 5047 - Tape & Knife Holder - Occidental LeatherTF Tools Ltd

Next up from Occidental is the 5047, a perfect holder which has enough space for a utility knife, 2 pencils and a tape up to 35".

Occidental Leather 5522 - Belt Worn 4 in 1 Tool/Tape Holder - Occidental LeatherTF Tools Ltd

Another tape holder with a few extra sections is the Occidental 5522. With holders for the tape, lumber crayon or screw driver and or pencil. This is a super stylish design as it opts for both Brown and Black leather. 



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