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Badger Toolbelts Pouches Customer Reviews ✨

Badger Toolbelts Pouches Customer Reviews ✨

Badger Toolbelts offer extremely comfortable and durable pouches to make your working process more effective. 

Let's look through our customer's reviews about their experiences with Badger pouches. 

Badger Toolbelts | Trimmer Tool Bag


"I do pretty much all aspects of carpentry so I needed a set up that wasn't too big but could hold a bunch of tools and fixings if needed and still be comfortable.

I tried the Diamondback Artisan as its described as the kinda thing that suits my needs, but I found it way too big and not very comfortable (even without any kit in it).

So I ordered some occidental and badger kit to see if they were any better, and as soon as I tried the badger belt on I knew what I was having.

The build quality is awesome, its well thought out. Its not too big and not too small and its really comfortable. Its also not cheap but you get what you pay for I guess.

I think the nail pouch could do with some simple improvements, such as the included sheath on the back side of the pouch that holds a pry bar. It doesn't hold the bar high enough, so it basically rubs against your trousers which I imagine would lead to a hole wearing through - so I just don't use it.

And the sheaths for pry tools and what not could be adjusted to be tighter as a lot of tools just fall through. But apart from that its a great pouch and does what I need it to do.

The hammer sheath I find also a bit impractical, as I'm constantly getting my hammer caught on stuff when picking things up. And if working on the deck it sends to slide out and forwards, so I generally use the loop on the back of the belt for the hammer.

All in all though, after a few weeks of ownership I'm happy with my purchase. Awesome belt." 

- Charles S.


"The trimmer bags are great, they are just enough bag for what you want to carry all day. you can load them up with enough tools anything more and you are gonna be too heavy. the pockets are good you don't loose fasteners jumping around and so forth. I have not run the actual badger belt yet, it looks high quality. Just the right size where it sits higher on the waste the carpenter model seems to be more traditional framer rig style bags which can feel massive if you have them loaded up with joist hanger nails, etc. etc. these trimmer bags work just fine in the "carpenter" role (at least american carpentry :^)"

- Ryan M.

Badger Toolbelts | Carpenter Fastener Bag Side x Side

Badger Carpenter Fastener Bag - Badger ToolbeltsTF Tools Ltd



"Best tool belts made. Best tool pouches and belts ever made. The original diamondback! Tried all the others so coming from experience lol "

- Dan B.

Badger Carpenter Fastener Bag - Badger ToolbeltsTF Tools Ltd


" Excellent best bag iv bought" 
- Andy L.

Badger Toolbelts | Carpenter Tool Bag


Badger Carpenter Tool Bag - Badger ToolbeltsTF Tools Ltd


"Perfect Pouch"

- Josh


" Love this belt! Worth every penny. Its lightweight, comfortable and love the colour! Thanks TF tools 🔨🪚"

- Jack 

 Badger Toolbelts | Trimmer Tool Bag - Badger ToolbeltsTF Tools Ltd


"Fantastic all round kit. And great service. Hard to find that in today’s world 🌎. If your reading this then your either already on the right road or about to be . Well done TF Tools 💕👍"

- Lee C.


Badger Toolbelts | Trimmer Fastener Bag


"Ordered the badger bags for 2nd fix work and so far I am really impressed ! Light weight but very tough material definitely worth the money 👍🏻"

- Clinton H. 


Badger Trimmer Fastener Bag - Badger ToolbeltsTF Tools Ltd


"Fantastic kit, still getting used to it as it’s new obviously, light , very comfortable and the pouches are easily accessible . Still haven’t quite got how my bits and bobs are but that’s just memory as I’ve moved things from my last set up."

- Lee C.

Badger Trimmer Fastener Bag - Badger ToolbeltsTF Tools Ltd


"Well thought out fixings pouch" 

- Phillip C.

Don`t forget to check our whole range of Badger Toolbelts Pouches now!! 

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