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Apprentice Collection

We understand how important it is to have support when you just start your carpentry training. We have created a few handy bundles and have created a collection which has a perfect selection of items for those starting as an apprentice. We have included some of the best selling tools from our brands that will make your work both more efficient and also easier. We’ve created these bundles trying to keep the balance between quality and budget.

We can't imagine a carpenters toolset without some good marking & measuring tools. So, here are some handy bundles which will make your work easier!

Pica Dry Pencil Marker Bundle

The Pica DRY has a lot of new features: effective dust and moisture protection, high value push mechanism for automatic lead feed in a stainless steel tube and the integrated sharpener in the quiver cap. This bundle includes a Pica Dry Pencil & Lead pack: 8 pack Graphite/ Red/ Yellow water-soluble.

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“Handy Pencil"

"Nice kit. Fits in hand well and convenient clipped to pouch or belt. Leads are thick so they don’t snap off, unless dropped. Pencil sharpener sharpens to a sharp point easily. Leaves a sharp accurate line. Feels robust enough to survive Construction sites. Shame it doesn’t come with spare leads, only one in it. So make sure you order extra.”

Pica DRY Precise 0.9mm Fine Pencil & leads Bundle

Precious without sharpening - the special lead diameter of only 0.9 mm is ideal for fine and precise marking, without sharpening. Have high-tech push mechanism: for automatic lead feed, for a long-lasting lead holding power. This bundle includes a Pica DRY Precise 0.9mm Fine Pencil & Lead pack: Pica Fine Dry Graphite lead HB 7030 or H 7050 (You get to choose)

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Dan Howard

“An absolute must have.

Bought this for myself and my business partner. Both can’t praise it enough! Used the standard pica pencil and other mechanical pencils. This is in a league of its own. One lead lasted over a week. Comes with couple spare leads underneath the rubber. 10/10 for this pencil. This pencil for joiners/ fitters is a no brainer. Highly recommend.”


Pica Dry BIG Pencil Marker Bundle

Very robust and long lasting. Automatic lead feed at the push of a button. Refillable with different leads for most versatile capabilities. Includes Pica Dry BIG Pencil Marker & Lead pack of your preference: Refill-Set FOR ALL Graphite/ Refill-Set All weather leads/ Refill-Set FOR ALL Carpenter's leads 2H


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Jamie Griffiths

“Highly recommend

Any person in the trade will know how quickly you get through pencils, which also means spending a lot of time sharpening them for it just to break. This is a game changer, I never have to worry about sharpening again. If it does need more lead, it’s there at the click of a button!”


Another brand we offer which has marking & measuring tools is SHINWA

Shinwa Inkline Marker kit

Great tool kit. Tried and tested by our own team and our customers for over 10 years
This kit contains:

Shinwa 1st fix Measuring & Marking Kit

Your 1st fix essentials from Japanese tool maker which includes Some of our best selling hand tools: line marker & ink, rules, sliding bevel angle finder and carpenters square.
High quality, high accuracy and tried and tested by TF Timbers



Apprentice Hand Tools Kit

All the basic hand tools to get you started. Some of our best-selling items from across the range
Good range of quality hand tools that will set you up for the most common carpentry work. We really have selected a great range of tools which will be super useful when starting out. 
Apprentice Hand Tools Kit - ShinwaTF Tools Ltd


Kit contains:

DiamondBack Apprentice Package

This Package is perfect if you’re just getting started in the Trades and are new to Diamondback. The Apprentice Package is for anyone looking to build out their new Diamondback system. It offers smaller pouches so that you are able to carry your tools, not only that it will be a great way to start to learn the way you work. 
Available in: Ranger Green & Black
DiamondBack Apprentice Package - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd
Kit consists of:
  • DiamondBack Belt 2.5″ FlexForm Toolbelt – the lightest padded tool belt of its size on the market.
  • DiamondBack Bossman – extremely compact pouch is designed for the individual who only needs carry the bare essentials
  • DiamondBack Easy-Release Tape Holster – Small - is sized perfectly for a 16′ or 25′ tape.
  • DiamondBack GK1 Pouch - the main pocket is perfect for fasteners or glue bottle and is  large enough to hold a 35′ tape. Three internal tool slots, four-bit index and webbing clip for tape or accessories make the GK1 an extremely versatile and essential accessory for any Diamondback Belt or Vest system.
  • DiamondBack 722 Slingshot - is shaped to make it easy to scoop out fasteners and small parts. The pocket remains open for fasteners and will not collapse when holding a tape measure or other tool.

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