NEW Trigjig PS-100 Pocket Square Available NOW

NEW Trigjig PS-100 Pocket Square Available NOW

The Trigjig Pocket Square PS-100 is a great little addition for your toolkit. 

TrigJig PS-100

A great tool which is perfect for all carpenters and joiners. This great design has meant this tool is slim yet robust!

Engineered from 2mm stainless steel and CNC milled aluminium, it fits perfectly into the Trigjig family. 

 TrigJig PS-100 Pocket Square

Features of the PS-100:

  • Around the outer edge, you will find incremental 1 degree marks
  • Handy slots have been cut to the profile of a carpenters pencil every 5 degrees to ensure precision when being used
  • Highly accurate measurements guaranteed, down to the sharp pivot point on the CNC-milled stock
  • You will also see there are laser cut holes at 1mm intervals allowing for a snug fit for your pencil lead
  • The polished aluminium stock reduces friction to allow for smooth, easy gliding when marking lines parallel to the workpiece edge.

 TrigJig PS-100 Pocket Square

Make sure to take a look at the whole Trigjig tools range!

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