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NEW TrigJig just landed

NEW TrigJig just landed

TrigJig CG90
We are super excited to have 2 new items from TrigJig available now on the site!

TrigJig CG90 Combi Gauge

A perfect tool for trim projects, architrave, doors, cabinetry, moldings, setting blade height and so many more. This is a great tool to be used in those tight spots. The CG90 makes light work of ensuring every measurement and mark is super accurate.

TrigJig | CG90 Combi Gauge

This model includes:

  • A depth gauge that can be used to scribe along an edge and transfer measurements quickly and preciselyTrigJig | CG90 Combi Gauge
  • A height gauge that can be used for setting table saw and router blade heights
  • A corner gauge to mark door trim and architrave intersects

TrigJig | CG90 Combi Gauge

Fully CNC machined from high grade aluminium! 

This handy pocket gauge is ideal for:

  • Finding and marking reveals
  • Transferring measurements
  • Scribing parallel lines and common angles
  • Determining and transferring depths

TrigJig | CG90 Combi Gauge

TrigJig Glyder 82 Combination Square 

For the Glyder 82, TrigJig have developed a spring-loaded, push-hold mechanism to secure the ruler. The push-hold can also be locked into position using the integrated stainless steel thumb screw.

The innovative design allows any standard woodworking or engineer’s rule to be used from 19-30mm wide.  We recommend using a high-quality rule such as the Mitutoyo metric & imperial dual scale 6" and 12" rulers.

TrigJig | Glyder 82 Combination Square

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