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NEW TrigJig Angle Finder AF9 MKII Coming Soon!

This is the latest product available here at TF from the great Trigjig!
The NEW updated AF9 MKII, which is superseding the original AF9 Pro, the AF9 MKII is high in quality, CNC machined site protractor with lots of useful features.

What is is made from and how?

This has been smartly engineered using 6mm aluminium and anodised in stylish branding colours which can be seen across the Trigjig range. The scales have been lasered directly onto the lower tool arm which is going to help improve longevity and will help with accuracy! 
trigjig-angle-finderTrigJig Angle Finder AF9 MKII
This has 4 scales, protractor angle, mitre angle, butt joint angle and a rise and run.
The upper arm has windows with recessed, precision, red enamel painted arrows which have been added to make it much easier for the eye to concentrate on the measurements that you need while obscuring the ones that you don't need. 

This is suitable for:

Drywall installs
Finish Trimming
Metal Fabrication
Floor Laying
Laying Out


9" (230mm) Measuring Arm
Fully CNC machined 1/4 anodised aluminium
Scales lasered marked directly onto the tool
Protractor display
Mitre display
Single Butt joint display
Rise and run scale
Precision >0.25°
1° increments
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