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New TrigJig Af4 & MTS100 Black & Gold Bundle

New TrigJig Af4 & MTS100 Black & Gold Bundle

This little bundle combines our 2 best selling compact measuring tools from TrigJig... The MTS100 Micro square and the the AF4 Angle finder, both in Black and Gold. 

Let's take a look at the two tools and their features, which makes them one of the best on the market! 

Micro Trim Square MTS 100

This has been designed using a bunch of the design features from the TrigJig RSA Rafter Squares and also elements from their pocket squares to create this ultimate tool. 

This has been CNC machined from high quality T6 European aluminium plate making it a very sturdy and robust tool. 

The face offers a 15 micron+ thick anodised surface and has been teamed up with the two-part machined aluminium fence attached using stainless steel fixings. The anodised surface is a thick coating that is not usually found on lower priced tools.

The fence that has been used has a 45 degree chamfer removed from the corner near the pivot point. This is so that the MTS100 can be used on a steel box section where welds may build up in the corners or where an internal radius on woodworking projects prevents other squares from sitting snugly into the corner.

Take a little look at the video clip below which is showing why they have added the cut away on the MTS100 Micro Square. 


Another reason why this little beauty is a must is because it includes pencil scribe notches from 1mm to 100mm which allows for ultra precise and efficient marking. You will see that all of the odd numbers are on one side and the even on the reverse. 

You will also find a super handy degree gauge which runs along the hypotenuse edge that has been calibrated to the inside pivot edge of the the fence.

 TrigJig AF4 Slim

The AF4 is a lightweight and convenient angle finder which is truly perfect for any project. Due to it being so compact, it is easily stored in any toolbox and can easily fit into smaller pockets on your pouches.

This tool is 125mm with 100mm arms (4") which makes it the go to for smaller trim, cabinetry and metal fabrications, but can obviously be used on any job to quickly measure an angle. 

You will be able to get protractor, mitre and single cut angles quickly and accurately. Remember the Mitre and Single readings are used to set up your mitre saw. For mitres not using a mitre saw you simply halve the protractor reading. 

You will also see markings for 90° and 45° quick reference points.

This bundle including the TrigJig Black and Gold MTS100 Micro Square and the TrigJig AF4 Angle finder can be bought offering a 5% discount. 

 Take a look at the full TrigJig range...

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