NEW to TF - Kinetic Customs Hammers

NEW to TF - Kinetic Customs Hammers

We are super excited to now be offering a hammer range from Kinetic customs, which we think you guys will absolutely love!

Kinetic Customs The Raptor

This framing hammer comes as a build your own kit. With the choice of 2 handle sizes, you will be able to pick between the 16" or 14.5" handle

You will need to buy this in 2 parts. The Handle which comes with the grip and the hammer head of your choice. 

For the Raptor hammer, you will have the choice out of 2 weighted hammer heads. The 16oz head and the 12oz head.

The 12oz hammer head comes in two colour options. Black or Grey, so you can match these perfectly to the bright coloured hammer handles on offer. This weight only comes with a smooth face option. 

The 16oz head also comes in either Black or Grey, but unlike the 120z, it has two face surfaces to choose from; either the smooth finish or milled. 

Now let's look a little more in detail about this hammer and the components. 

The Raptor Handle

It has been designed specifically with energy absorption as a priority. Not only does aluminium absorb more energy than steel, the Y spoke factored into the design of this product creates a tuning fork like feature, helping the hammer absorb even further impact for amazing shock reduction!

Kinetic customs hammer handles

Made from  Aerospace grade aluminium, this hammer will offer more durability than any wooden hammer. Each handle has been beautifully anodised in a range of colours, there really is one for everyone!

The handle colours available at TF include; Black, Khaki Green, Purple, Pink, Gold, Bronze, Blue, Red, Light Green and Raw.

It also offers a nail bar slot and is easily replaced using a single bolt. 


If you are purchasing the 12oz hammer head then the 14.5" handle only!

The Raptor Hammer Head

Inspired by the F22 Raptor aircraft, the 12oz hammer heads are compact and ideal for 2nd fix work. They also have some features which is worth noting:

  • New design top nail puller for even better grip and leverage
  • Magnetic nail setter (suitable for small nails) 
  • Double sided hammer cheek for tight spaces 
  • Available in Black, Grey, Pink, Neon Green, Teal Blue and Red AF!
  • Total weight on 14.5" handle 695g 
  • Focused weight at the top of the hammer to increase velocity and striking force;
  • Made from industrial grade carbon based steel, professionally heat treated and tempered for strength.

The 16oz hammer head also includes the above but has a couple extra features to note :

  • Total weight on 16" handle 865g 
  •  2 degree face angle
  • Available in smooth finish or milled

 Shop Kinetic Customs the Raptor here...

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