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NEW SquiJig Fusion 7.5inch Metric Rafter Square - TF Tools Ltd

SquiJig Rafter Square & Framing Square

Introducing the next level of rafter squares, the NEW SquiJig Fusion square is here!

Squi.Jig Fusion 7.5 Inch Rafter square MetricThis square offers a highly visible bubble level which makes it the perfect tool for deck builders, fence builders, timber framing and just all general carpentry jobs. 

If you want that consistent angle each time then be sure to team this up with the SquiJig framing jigs!

Squi.Jig Fusion 7.5 Inch Rafter square Metric - SquiJigTF Tools Ltd

You will get this square fully assembled and you are sure to be so impressed with the professional finish. With super smooth edges and crisp laser markings, this really will be a perfect addition to your tool kit. 

If you were after some framing jigs to go with this then here's a few we have available here at TF. 

Pro-Framing Metric Square 305 x 460mm

The Framer Pro is a fully machined framing square featuring a durable finish with chamfered edges and vibrant laser markings for accurate layout. 

quiJig Pro- Framing Metric Square 305 x 460mm

The size of the square, makes it easy to use and no doubt will be your go to took for all of your future projects. 

1.5" Framing Jigs

We offer these in Blue and Red but we also have some limited editions. Yup that's right, we have the super stylish Dr Decks as well as the awesome combo of Black and Cherry!

Squi.Jig 1.5” Tall- Framing Jigs (Blue) - SquiJigTF Tools LtdSqui.Jig 1.5” Tall- Framing Jigs (Red) - SquiJigTF Tools Ltd

Squi.Jig 1.5” Tall- Framing Jigs Dr.Decks Blackout Limited Edition - SquiJigTF Tools Ltd    Squi.Jig 1.5” Tall- Framing Jigs (Black and Cherry) - SquiJigTF Tools Ltd

3" Framing Square Attachments

A must have for all your framing needs! Including stair layout or rafter layout. With this unique cylinder design, and dual slots, there are unlimited possibilities and uses for this framing square attachment!

Squi.Jig (3”) - Framing Square Attachment (Pair) RED - SquiJigTF Tools LtdSqui.Jig (3”) - Framing Square Attachment (Pair) Blue - SquiJigTF Tools Ltd

We have these available now in Red and Blue!

Framing Jig holder

Squi.jig Framing Jig Holder with Carabiner - SquiJigTF Tools Ltd

Honestly the best purchase after the jigs themselves. This will help to keep the pair together, no more rummaging as it easily clips onto any tool bag or belt loop!

Shop the full SquiJig here... 

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