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✨New Spider Tools ✨ - TF Tools Ltd

✨New Spider Tools ✨

We are so happy to announce TF's latest new brand to land with us!

Spider Tools offers a great solution for a storage of your tools -bits, hammers, tapes. Handy, durable, tiny, always on hand to make your work easier.

Spider Hammer Holster Set

It's a super handy tool, this set can be used with any belt, it easily clips on to any regular belt or tool belt.

See product page to find out more about  Spider Hammer Holster Set !!

Comes with 1 Tool Holster, 2 Hammer Tabs and 4 Cable Ties.
Spider Tool Holsters are compatible with all Spider Tool Holster products.

Have a look a short video review

Spider Tool Holster Set for Cordless Power Tools

It's a new way to carry your power tools. This kit includes tool holster and tool grip. Easy to attach, Heavy duty, Secure.
This tool holster works with any hand-held power tool including impact drivers, reciprocal saws, nailers and more.

Here is a shot review about this amazing kit:


Spider Tool Holster Set for Tape Measures

It's delivering a fast, self-locking solution to replace the cumbersome clip located on most tape measures. Kit includes 1 tool holster and 2 adhesive tool tabs


Short video review of Spider Tool Holster Set for Tape Measures

 Discover all our range of Spider tools now!!



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