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NEW Pica Metal Set & Accessories

NEW Pica Metal Set & Accessories

We are always looking to add little extras to our current brands so here's a few extras to the current Pica range.

Literally the simplest solution yet, one that actually will make work way more efficient. The Pica Accessory Set of Coloured Caps is a new little pack of 5 different coloured caps which can be used on the Pica Dry pencils. 

Pica Accessory Caps

Yup, so you can now add a different colour top to your Pica pencil! So this means you can carry more than one and know at a glance, the type of lead you are picking up. 

This accessory set contains 5 coloured caps in White, Yellow, Red, Blue and Green!

Pica accessory caps

Pica Spare Set of Erasers for Pica Fine Dry

Pica has also been thinking about ways of getting longevity out of the Pica Fine Dry, and this little set of erasers is another must have to help with this. 

 Pica Spare Set of Erasers for Pica Fine Dry

As the eraser will of course wear out over time, this set of 5 replacements can increase the lifetime of your Pica Fine Dry!

 Pica Spare Set of Erasers for Pica Fine Dry

Pica Dry Metal Set

This little beauty comes with a scribing needle which has been made of hard metal and is perfect if you require marking on metal or wooden surfaces. 

Pica Metal Set

Due to the metal needle being so robust, you will be sure to have this little gem working for a long time but also offering precision for the whole time! This is down to the main fact that it does not wear out, even on rough surfaces!

The Grey cap that the Pica comes with, will also give you the quick indication that it's the metal pen!

Pica Metal Set

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