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NEW Martinez M1 & M4 Handles in Gold & Yellow💛 - TF Tools Ltd

NEW Martinez M1 & M4 Handles in Gold & Yellow💛

Super excited to be stocking the new Gold & Yellow handles by Martinez! 
We will be offering those for both an M1 or M4, so you have the choice of the two.

Martinez M1 & M4 Gold Handle


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This is an awesome addition for those that love to make their own unique combinations. The great thing about the Martinez hammer, is you can literally build your own. If you wanted the shorter M4 handle but the M1 15oz hammer head, that's no problem you can have it. 

All parts (apart from grips) are interchangeable, so you can mix and match to suit your needs for whatever job you are working on.

So why not do it in style with this awesome addition!

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