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NEW Martinez Goochi & The Hornet Titanium Hammer

We are super excited to have the amazing Martinez Tools Goochi & Hornet in stock for you all!!!

Yup, we have created, along with Martinez, this awesome NEW combination. All Gold. 

Martinez Goochi

Go for it! Gold Handle with Gold clear/coloured grip!

Available in both M1 & M4!

The Martinez Hornet

Martinez Tools | The Hornet M1 Titanium Framing Hammer Build Your own Kit

Comes with a black handle and the brand NEW Yellow grip!!!

Also available in both M1 & M4, this item is a build your own hammer, so you will get the yellow grip, handle and head and have to complete the build yourself! BUT don't worry as we have plenty of videos that can be found on the product pages showing this! 

Shop the full range of Martinez Tools here...

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