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✨NEW Diamondback Tools at TF✨

We're excited to increase our range of Diamondback items as we know how you love this brand. Here are some awesome newly released items we have in our range – new tool storage pouch and a super helpful torch 😊

DiamondBack DB GoLite torch

Compact, light wear, ergonomic, powerful it's all about this little helper onsite. Perfect for everyday wear. 


  •  275 Lumens and bright LED light.
  • Easy and secure attachment to DB products: Vests, Utility Pockets, Pouches, etc. Has strong magnetic base that provide an option to attach to metal items. 
  • 3 Light Mode Settings Provides flexibility based on lighting conditions and allows for run time (3 16 hrs., depending on setting, uses 3 AAA batteries).


DiamondBack DB Quiver 13

A great secure solution for tools & screws storage for every day wear. 


DiamondBack DB Quiver 13 - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd
Allows for secure carry of longer fasteners (i.e..12” Structural Wood Screws), long shims, and other elongated items. Provides extreme wear resistance against sharp fastener tips. Easy to attach with a clip. 

DiamondBack DB Quiver 13 - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd

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