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⭐NEW BUNDLES ⭐ Shinwa & Pica

We have created some new bundles exclusive to TF Tools which we thought would be a way to give you everything you could possibly need for measuring and marking. Each bundle has been put together with all the components you will need but also with a cheeky little discount 😁

Shinwa Inkline Marker kit

This is another great kit that we have put together which gives you everything you will need to be able to create crisp lines over longer distances. This kit contains:

  • The Shinwa Ink Line marker Pro plus auto-rewinding with thin string in Blue
  • Red ink 
  • 3 Pack of Shinwa sponges 
  • Pro Plus Ink Line marker holder
  • Replacement string

 Shinwa Inkline Marker kit

This bit of kit would RRP at £78.98 but we have a great deal on where you can buy this with a 21% discount for £62.75... 

 Shinwa 1st and 2nd Fix Measuring and Marking Kits

 We have put together a couple of kits with some essentials for both 1st and 2nd fix! They are focused more for measuring and also marking.

1st Fix Kit - Was £134 with discount NOW £115

Shinwa 1st fix Measuring & Marking Kit

2nd Fix Kit - Was £131.25 with discount NOW £112

Shinwa 2nd fix Measuring & Marking Kit

Pica Bundles

 We have created two new Pica Bundles one for the Pica Dry Pencil and the other for the Pica Dry BIG Pencil. Both packs will come with the pencil you decide to go for and also a pack of the refills, something you don't realise you need until it's gone! 😁

You can also select the different colour refills that you desire so there are more choices on each page! 

Pica Dry Pencil Marker Bundle


Pica Dry BIG Pencil Marker Bundle

Pica Dry BIG Pencil Marker Bundle


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