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NEW Boss Hammers - TF Tools Ltd

NEW Boss Hammers

We are super excited to be adding some new additions to our Boss Hammer range here at TF!

We have the amazing PRO PLUS series being extrended with the Titanium 16in hammer with 16oz Smooth hammer head and the PRO SERIES Titanium hammer also 16in - 16oz but this one comes with Metric measurements. 

Want to know a little more? 

Boss Hammers | PRO PLUS SERIES TITANIUM HAMMER |16in 16oz Smooth

The PRO PLUS series of hammers offer superior performance and with an improved design, the 16in/16oz hammer will be a great addition offering amazing comfort and efficiency. 

Cast from pure Ti64 Titanium, this will really offer a strong performance. The hexagonal shaped face gives improved striking contact and balance when driving nails. 

This new version offers a side nail extractor  and dual top nail extractor to help remove nails easily. 

This is a great lightweight titanium hammer which has been fitted with an over-moulded no-slip rubber grip. It also has the Boss hammers signature squaring system with metric measurements which have been laser engraved onto the handle. 

Boss Hammers | PRO SERIES TITANIUM HAMMER | Metric |16in 16oz


Weight - 16" / 40.64 cm model - 454g

Length - 454g model - 16" / 40.64 cm out-to-out length



This new cats paw made from Steel is a great tool for carpenters. This has been designed to be able to extract any nail in any situation. The Boss Paw also allows you to hook a nail head from 4 different locations at multiple angles to keep the job going. Featuring a striking face with built-in magnetic nail starter that allows you to start finish nails in tight spaces.

Boss Hammers Cats Paw - Steel - Boss HammersTF Tools Ltd

You can also use the striking face to get under buried nail heads. 9" total length. Incorporated 3/8" hex wrench.

Shop the full range of Boss Hammers here!

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