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NEW Rogan MUTT™️ COMPACT Multipurpose Utility Trenching Tool - TF Tools Ltd

NEW Rogan MUTT™️ COMPACT Multipurpose Utility Trenching Tool

The MUTT COMPACT is a slimmer and able to get into tighter places and very light weight so it’s easy to carry all day. NEW Rogan

It sacrifices nothing in strength and will till baton steel and chisel concrete like it’s bigger brother. 

 Rogan MUTT™️ COMPACT Multipurpose Utility Trenching Tool

What can be used with the MUTT?

So you can use Steel hammers on the MUTT however Rogan do suggest that a dead blow hammer or plastic tip is the preferred tool to use.

Metal hammer strikes should be done on the back side, where the lanyard holes are.

Any chisel or pry bar that you use will eventually show signs of wear if they are being hit with a steel hammer, so it is worth bearing this in mind.

What is the MUTT made from?

So the MUTT is actually made of 1/4 inch thick 80CRV2 Steel. These have been tested on wood, concrete and even steel!

Watch the clip below to see the new MUTT compact in action:

What will the MUTT come with?

So we have 3 options on the website.

You can either purchase the Compact tool as is. We also have an option where you can buy it with the tool sheath and clip or you can purchase the sheath and clip only.

What's the specs of the MUTT?

  • So this has 100% been handmade in the USA
  • It is 1/4in thick, 1in wide and ~8in long
  • Weight 8oz
  • Made of 80CVR2 steel
  • Is not knife sharp due to its main purpose of digging and prying

What's the Specs of the sheath?

  • Made in USA 🇺🇸 By: OxCreek Tactical
  • Sheath has adjustable friction tensioner. Tool will slip out of sheath freely until the desired amount of tension is applied. 
  • Slot cutout allows for mounting of any aftermarket clip/mount.

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