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How to attach your DiamondBack Hammer Holster and Flat Bar Holster

How to attach your DiamondBack Hammer Holster and Flat Bar Holster

These essential additions to your toolbelt are super easy to install and take minutes to attach!

You will be able to use the Hammer Holster to securely and safely store and transport your hammer on site and the Flat Bar holster is the perfect accessory to attach to your left hand pouch and can be used to carry up to 3 flat bars.

Watch a short YouTube clip on how this works...

Hammer Holster and Flat Bar holster - How to attach

The Hammer holster will be able to be selected for both sides of the body. So you can pick which pouch to attach this too based on your preference. It is easily attached using the 2 bolts and washers, and you can use the strap to attach to the back of the pouch, to help get the perfect angle. 

DiamondBack Hammer Holster - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd

The Flat Bar Holster works in exactly the same way but is designed to be worn on the non dominant side. This will attach with only 1 bolt and washer but can be angled in the same way!

DiamondBack Flat Bar holster - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd

Grab these essential DiamondBack accessories now!

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