Hammer Loops Customer Reviews ✨

Hammer Loops Customer Reviews ✨

 The hammer loop is one of the essential tools in your work gear as it`s so important to keep your hammer always to hand and feel comfortable during work. 

We have gathered some reviews from our customers from our best selling hammer holsters made by DiamondBack Toolbelts, Occidental Leather & Badger Toolbelts.

Badger Toolbelts | Hammer Loop

Rob C. review of Badger Toolbelts | Hammer Loop


"Love this. It's great for those days when you you only need a few bit. I've had it on my set up and also just straight on my belt. 👌 put my pica and tape on there and still easily get my hammer in and out."

- Rob C. 


"Lovely well made hammer loop, super light weight, time will tell how long it lasts. Very happy with the product" 

- Craig M. 

Badger Toolbelts | Hammer Loop - Badger ToolbeltsTF Tools Ltd



"Great hammer hook, no clanking of the hammer moving, doesn't fall out, the velcro nice and strong but also means i can change it from my framing belt to just using the belt on my trousers when 2nd fixing"

- Jordan W.


Badger Hammer Loop - Badger ToolbeltsTF Tools Ltd


"Amazing loop & well made"

- Jason B.

DiamondBack Toolbelts | Hammer Holster


"Best I’ve used" 

- Craige S. 


"Well worth buying hated my hammer rocking behind my back well worth getting !!"

- Peter B. 


"Great accessorie to the system hammer is right where you want it and not banging into your leg"

- Dan P.


"Surprised I've used a conventional hammer loop for years and never thought anything of it until I saw this product. This hammer holster is extremely comfortable and surprisingly, I prefer this product to the conventional hammer loop. Well built to a high standard as always from diamondback!"

 - Jacob


"It's a game changer ! Perfect for me! My new setup Diamondback pouches and 2 hammer holders left and right is amazing! Comes handy! TFTOOLS from me every time 5 stars!" 

- Kaloyan Y.


"This is great, I have this mounted on my Occidental set up and it's a great addition. I wouldn't be without it now, keeps it nice a tight against your body and no more rattling hammer."

- Rob C.
"Good hammer sling I was unsure after30 years of a metal holder but have to say easy to use and keeps it away from my leg when climbing up roofs"
- Andy P.
"Retro fitted this to my Buckaroo tool belt, great upgrade from metal loop that allows the hammer to swing about. This resolves that issue making it easy to access the hammer and less risk of your hammer bumping into things in a normal loop." 
- Fraser D.
"Wish I had brought sooner! Absolute game changer, super accessible and just all around quality, will never go back to a normal hammer holder again"
 - James O.

DiamondBack Toolbelts | 405 Low-Rider Hammer Loop

DiamondBack 405 Low-Rider Hammer Loop - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd


"Brilliant very good not being a metal loop it keeps your hammer better and tighter." 

- Nigel G.


DiamondBack 405 Low-Rider Hammer Loop - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd


"If you hate the rattling that come from metal hammer hoops. This fixes the issue. Well made but time will tell." 

- Craig S.


"Does exactly as it says it does. It’s great for hammers and large spanner’s etc but I find it a bit fiddly to clip a drill driver on it." 

- Stuart C.


"DiamondBack 405 Low-Rider hammer loop.

I dislike the metal swinging hammer holders I have used for years and found this 405 Low-Rider hammer loop a perfect replacement. Its now always on my leather belt with an additional tape holder as something I can wear every day while working in maintenance, with the low hang of this loop being very suited when wearing just a work jacket.

My only reason for leaving 4 star is that the top corners of the loop holder would be better rounded off rather than its square corners which can dig in a bit when working down low on your knees while flooring etc." 

 - David F.


DiamondBack Toolbelts | 406 Hi-Rider Hammer Loop

Louie M. review of DiamondBack 406 Hi-Rider Hammer Loop


"Added this onto my dead on carpenter rig for an extra drill to hang on my side works great , very durable and high quality"

- Louie M.

DiamondBack 406 Hi-Rider Hammer Loop - DiamondBackTF Tools Ltd


"It’s DiamondBack say no more. I have one of these on my maestro rig. Positioned at the very back for my soft faced hammer. Easy to find when placing the hammer back into it as it keeps its shape. The material is super thick and great quality. I’ve had mine on my belt now for well over a year. Still looks in very good condition." 

 - Jason L.


"Cheeky holster Mostly used as a gun hook loop as it's nice and strong. Holds a paslod better than the gun loop as it's quite firm, unlike the gun loop that is a bit soft and gets caught between the hook and handle."

- George

DiamondBack Toolbelts | Bossman

DiamondBack Bossman - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd


"Not for Donkeys

Great bit of kit when you don’t need to carry that much weighed down like a donkey .I wear this alongside the DB Gunloop on the right hand side will probably add the DB Clavo on the left for my ideal setup . Thanks once again TF Tools" 

- Simon

DiamondBack Bossman - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd


"The pouch I didn't know I needed Bought on a bit of a whim, but is superb. Great for when you want to run light. Build quality is ace 👌"

- Ben B.

Occidental Leather Toolbelts | 5520 - 5 in 1 Tool Holder

Occidental Leather 5520 - 5 in 1 Tool Holder - Occidental LeatherTF Tools Ltd


"5in1 is brilliant if u you want to keep it a light set up this is the way to go. Pouch on left 5in1 on right which holds nail bar, hammer, pencil & knife works a treat"

 - Gareth 


 "Amazing pouch, very compact , excellent service from TFTOOLS!!!"

- Kaloyan Y. 


"Great piece of kit that will last a lifetime"

- Ian M. 

Occidental Leather Toolbelts | 5059 Hammer Holder

Occidental Leather 5059 Hammer Holder - Occidental LeatherTF Tools Ltd

"Hammer loop Brilliant item. Changed to the high hammer loop after adding another bag to my set. This keeps the hammer high to my waste and away from getting tangled with my other bags. Also stopping it from knocking on the back of my knee. Nice strong leather. Very robust" 
- Dean H. 
"Quality hammer holder and fast delivery 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻"
 - Callum R. 



" Holds a hammer high. 🔨"
- Francis D.

Occidental Leather Toolbelts | 5012 Hammer Holder

Occidental Leather 5012 Hammer Holder - Occidental LeatherTF Tools Ltd


"Best hammer holder Best of the hammer holders ! Occidental the best!"

- Kiril 


"Superb product and service"

- Peter

Occidental Leather Toolbelts | 5518 - No Slap Hammer holder

Occidental Leather 5518 - No Slap Hammer holder - Occidental LeatherTF Tools Ltd


" First class service,item arrived quickly.the quality of the product is 10 out 10.very 😊" 

- Mark W. 

Occidental Leather 5518 - No Slap Hammer holder - Occidental LeatherTF Tools Ltd


" Holds the hammer just right! No swing at all."

- John A.

Occidental Leather Toolbelts | 5020 - 2-in-1 Tool & Hammer Holder

Occidental Leather 5020 - 2-in-1 Tool & Hammer Holder - Occidental LeatherTF Tools Ltd


"Top quality First time using tf tools. Won't hesitate using again. Started with an email enquiry to check stock availability. Got a fast pleasant reply that items were in. Items were delivered well packaged and arrived fast. As for both items ordered both were very well made as expected by occidental. I prefer the way the hammer sits in their holders. Well priced and extremely happy with my purchase."

- Allan 


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