Diamondback Vest Systems Customer Reviews ✨

Diamondback Vest Systems Customer Reviews ✨

Vest Systems are an awesome alternative to a toolbelt. If you want to improve efficiency and reduce fatigue while on the job read on!

Vests are great as you can attach any pouch or accessory to the integrated belt or torso attachment points to have all essential tools to hand 👍
Here are some user reviews to help what your best solution is 👍

DiamondBack Toolbelts | 701 Vest

Kevin P. review of DiamondBack 701 Vest


"I've done a fair bit of trial and error with the Diamondback system starting off with the basic suspenders, upgrading to the deluxe with the wide belt and have now plumped for the vest. I wish I had started here. Seems expensive but absolutely fantastic and so comfortable. Although the nicknames have come in thick and fast with my favourite being 'seal team six' to date. Ignore them and get comfy in this vest system! "

- Kevin 


"Game changer Yeah you might look like your ready to go to battle, but this vest makes it a lot easier to carry tools all day. If your a full size man like me and struggle with belts slipping. Look no further. I no longer take a tool box/bag on site. Everything I need is on here. It's well built, No doubt it's going to out last me!" 

- Joby


"701 vest Cracking investment, takes all the weight of your tools and distributes it across your torso, instead of the your hips. Top quality gear, along with top quality service from everyone at TF Tools."

- Prof_elec

DiamondBack Toolbelts | High Viz 701 Vest

DiamondBack High Viz 701 Vest - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd



Waited to have used it a while before reviewing. Absolutely awesome bit of kit!! My hips were getting sore from a tool belt and this has put a stop to that after a week. Can carry a lot of weight without really feeling it. Also it’s giving me a lot more mobility. I do multiple trades on site so I’m literally everywhere up and down ladders squatting under baths etc Having my impact chest mounted is a game changer too. Was a bit sceptical about the price but I think it’s worth every penny for the health benefits which you just can’t put a cost on."

- Daniel 

Here are some bags & accessories that you can attach to your Vest

DiamondBack Toolbelts | Lumbar Pad


"Added comfort this is one you think "meeh dont need" but i got it and just added to the 6" diamondbackbellt and belt feelt twice as comfy to use and supported lowerback even better... its nothing on the pricetag but it add so mutch.."

- Kenneth

DiamondBack Toolbelts | 722 Slingshot

DiamondBack 722 Slingshot - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd


"The slingshot is a great pouch that attaches perfectly to work trousers with holster pockets. I two as a pair for tool storage. A good light weight alternative to my Diamondback tool belt. Also a great service from TF tools , always quick delivery and top customer service."

- Dylan


"Great little add on bag for fixings, ear defenders etc 👍🏼"

- Tommy

DiamondBack Toolbelts |723 Slingshot

DiamondBack 723 Slingshot - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd


"This pouch is just what I was looking for board nails in main pocket and clouts in other and magnetic patch to hold small drivers."

- Nigel


"Great bit of kit Honestly a lot bigger then it looks but it’s a good thing, can easily fit an 8m fatmax tape square knife pencils and the magnet is a great help with holding bits"

- Zack


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