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Diamondback Bags & Accessories Customer Reviews

Diamondback Bags & Accessories Customer Reviews

The Diamondback Toolbelts Bags & Accessories are always great addition for your tool rig! It helps to keep your tools tidy & always to hand 👍
Here are some honest reviews from our customers that could help you decide what could work best for you. 


"I’ve been using DB Sax everyday since getting my first one, having the ability to fill them up with fixings securely and only clip them on your belt when you need makes it all easier and saves carrying a lot of extra weight. Not to mention eliminating the need to carry full boxes of fixings around the job site and them becoming unusable when wet! So good I now have 4!"

                                        - Carl Cjw


"Great add on to my diamond back artisan ideal for fixings or hot days a drinks bottle. Love it"

- Dean H.



"Absolutely great , awesome for 1st fix nails and gas great product as always"

-Peter B.

DiamondBack Toolbelts | Hammer Holster


"Well worth buying hated my hammer rocking behind my back well worth getting !!"

-Peter B.

Dan P. review of DiamondBack Hammer Holster


"Great accessory to the system hammer is right where you want it and not banging into your leg"

-Dan P.

DiamondBack Toolbelts | 722 Slingshot


 "Great little add on bag for fixings, ear defenders etc 👍🏼"

-Tommy B.


DiamondBack Toolbelts | Utility chisel sheath

Dan P. review of DiamondBack Utility / chisel sheath


"Perfect for those sharp chisels"

- Dan P. 

Jason L. review of DiamondBack Utility / chisel sheath


"Nice addition to your tool belt. Dependable Diamond back quality. These are great for protecting your belt from sharp chisels they work well. Very tough material that seems like it’ll last a lifetime. Handy clip on the back of it giving many options as to where it can be placed also. Top product!"

- Jason L. 

DiamondBack Toolbelts | Easy-Release Tape Holster – Small


"Small tape holster I really like it, as is small and if I don’t need tool belt i just grab this little tape holster put my pica pen on the side and works just perfectly! That is 5m tape measure Stanley and it fitt perfectly."

- Jan P.

DiamondBack Toolbelts | DB Quiver 13

Max T. review of DiamondBack DB Quiver 13


"So handy to be able to carry oak pegs with me on my belt, and not go to the box constantly to grab a handful. Fits about 20-25 19mm x 300mm pegs or pretty a good amount of Rothoblaas T40 flange head screws. A klean Kanteen water bottle fits nicely in there too."

- Max T. 

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