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Giveaway: Who is your #2022wingman? - TF Tools Ltd

Giveaway: Who is your #2022wingman?

It's 2022, a new year, a clean slate, a fresh start... 

TF will be hosting giveaways throughout 2022, centred around continuing to smash the stigma against mental health!

Despite it being 2022, talking about our mental state is still quite taboo in the construction industry. Amazing people like @myhpodcast, @wood.butchers and @lighthouseconstruction are doing some great work at normalising speaking up when times get challenging.

By doing these giveaways, we hope to raise even just a little more awareness to the issue and show #itsoknottobeok It's ok to ask for a chat, for support, for anything!

The first giveaway was kindly donated by DiamondBack - rather appropriately for a DiamondBack Wingman, Coffee Thermal Mug & Rogue Beanie!

1. On the IG post Tag WHO and WHY you're pumped to start the year with and don't forget the entry #2022wingman

2. For extra entry post a #siteselfie with you and your #2022wingman

The winner will be announced on 💓 Valentine's Day💓 We will chose a nominated #2022wingman to send the Wingman, Mug and Beanie to! 

We can make this year a great one, let's smash it together 😁🙌🎉 

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