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Spotlight: World Suicide Prevention Day 10th Sept, Lighthouse Club - TF Tools Ltd

Spotlight: World Suicide Prevention Day 10th Sept, Lighthouse Club

Bill Hill, CEO of Lighthouse Club - With over 500 suicides every year in construction we are all morally obligated to be on the look out for individuals that are struggling.  

Lighthouse is the only charity that is 100% dedicated to the physical, mental and financial wellbeing of our construction workers and their families in the UK and Ireland.

As an industry, we need to be making a concerted effort to be respective and inclusive of everyone we work alongside.

No one person should be driven to severe depression because of a lack of acceptance by their co-workers, employers, customers, friends or families.

New Suicide Awareness Courses launch Friday 9th September 

To raise awareness of the difficult subject of suicide and to support World Suicide Prevention Day, The Lighthouse Club are launching new Suicide Awareness Courses.



Register here to attend Friday 9th 9.30-12pm OR Friday 9th 1-3.30pm


It will also help you to develop the skills and confidence needed to approach and start a conversation with a suicidal person and learn effective strategies to keep them safe


5 steps to building a successful Mental Health culture ​in your workplace


If you think your workplace could have better support available, why not become a Mental Health First Aid Instructor to help start the change where you work.


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