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World Mental Health Day 2023

A global initiative promoted on October 10th each year to raise awareness about mental health issues, reduce stigma, and advocate for better mental health support and resources worldwide. It is a day to come together and collectively make a difference in the lives of individuals struggling with mental health challenges.

Mental Health is a growing issue throughout the world, so these national and world wide acknowledgment days are just so important to help those struggling, family members or just anyone affected by mental health. 

Below are details on services and organisations that offer help and support directly to people with their mental health. If you don't need this support at the moment, it may help someone you know.

TF Lucy;

"Up until Covid I felt I had pretty strong mental health, but 2019/2020 was hugely challenging with both the uncertainty of what we would happen with running the business and also personally, the impact of lockdowns was very difficult. I didn't take enough notice of my stress levels, I ended up having a bad panic attack, which I haven't had before, an ambulance came out as they thought I might had heart issues. It was terrifying I thought I was having a heart attack. It gave me the wake up call I needed to take better care of my mental health.

I now work hard to monitor my stress levels and take a step back when it is needed, instead of just pushing through it. We have always had a really strong culture of self care at Team TF, everyone needs to take time out and we understand how important it is. I never gave myself the space for self-care though until now.

I find spending time outdoors daily really beneficial to decompress and I would recommend therapy as well to everyone. Life is really hard and complicated and it's ok to need to some help/guidance through parts of it. We shouldn't be ashamed of it, which is where breaking down the stigma against mental health and being open about it is so important."

TF Kelly;

"Mental Health is always something that I have had to learn to live with and manage, mine comes in the form of anxiety. It only takes the smallest upset or change in plan to trigger the horrible symptoms like a dizzy head and the constant fear of something going wrong. However, I have learnt now how to spot this before it can even happen.

Things that I find can help me is making sure I have the best night sleep. I also play Netball every Tuesday as this makes me happy to be with my friends and most importantly, I talk to those around me when I know something is going to become very overwhelming. Speaking to someone to rationalize a situation is the one thing that helps me the most.

I don’t always get it right, and can have some tricky days, but I am learning ways of managing this feeling. If you are like me, a book I can recommend is the Chimp Paradox. It really helped me to gain some really useful tips and tricks for those harder moments. What I will say, is everyone has stuff going on in their lives, be kind, and most importantly enjoy every day."

The Mental Health Foundation has come up with a list of charities and or numbers which could help if needed. From the Samaritans, Mind to helplines and chats. 

Take me there please.

For more information from the amazing construction industry helpline, take a look here for lots of help and guidance, should you require this. 


Remember you are so important! Look after yourself.

Team TF

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