Top New Products of 2023

Top New Products of 2023

We have had a look at the new and most popular items to be introduced to us throughout 2023. Some of which have been popular throughout last year, and some which are storming ahead in popularity. 

The Martinez Goochi Titanium Hammer

The Martinez Goochi

Becoming evermore popular, the Goochi is available as standard in M1 (1st fix) or M4 (2nd fix) versions. A little more out there in design, this hammer offers an all Gold effect finish. 

Some of our customers have added this to their collection as the 'ultimate'. Who knew a hammer could be so beautiful. 

Remember why these hammers are so brilliant:

  • All parts are replaceable and interchangeable
  • The Titanium handle is great due to its ability to limit shock. Each strike requires less force, this is down to the weight being at the head end, helping to reduce the impact on your arms and elbows. 

Pica Dry Metal Set

This is a great addition to the Pica range that we have at TF, and it has certainly become one of the more popular versions available. This is ideal for any daily work using metal as the metal scribing needle is so robust, it will enable precise markings which will last a long time. 

Pica Metal Set

Coming with a Grey cap, this will enable you to quickly differentiate between the picas you may carry day to day. 

Little tip... Always fill your pica pencils (any of the versions) from behind, to ensure that the mechanics can be kept intact.

The TrigJig CG90 Combi Gauge

This little beauty is fresh on the market here at TF but is rapidly selling keeping it hard to stay on the shelves. 

TrigJig CG90

This tools main focus, is to ensure that every measurement and mark that you make is accurate and is able to work in those tight spots that a tape or standard ruler may find difficult. 

Features include:

  • A depth gauge that can be used to scribe along an edge and transfer measurements quickly and precisely
  • A height gauge that can be used for setting table saw and router blade heights.
  • A corner gauge to mark door trim and architrave intersects.

Available in 5 different colour combos including; Black/Silver, Black/Red, Black/Blue, Black/Gold and All Black.

TrigJig CG90 Black and Silver

This handy pocket gauge is ideal for:

  • Finding and marking reveals
  • Transferring measurements
  • Scribing parallel lines and common angles
  • Determining and transferring depths

The DiamondBack Toolbelts Quiver 13

This accessory from DiamondBack is a perfect solution for those longer fixings as it measures 13" tall. 

DiamondBack Quiver

📷 @MaxT

An easily attached storage solution using the DiamondBack clip for secure usage. 

The Badger 3.5" Black Toolbelt

This NEW toolbelt from Badger, is a straight version of the signature Badger Toolbelt. Being 3.5" wide, this will be a perfect solution if you are after a lighter carry or just prefer the smaller belts. 

Badger Toolbelts | 3.5in Straight Belt Black 

Their webbing and belt materials are the toughest that they can find. Snap it all together with an AustriAlpin COBRA® buckle for a more secure and comfortable workday. 

What is even better, with this belt the combination of pouches is entirely up to you. You can fully customize this to suit your needs. 

Build your own system using Badger Pouches that we have in stock now!

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