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✨Personal Christmas shopping is back✨ - TF Tools Ltd

✨Personal Christmas shopping is back✨

Yaaaay...It's happened!🤩

Don't want another pair of socks this Christmas? But only if they are the DiamondBack pair?

Or are you the long suffering present buyer who has to magic up endless niche ideas to surprise that carpenter in your life?

Worry no more, we've got your back!

The TF Elves are back on hand to help guide you or your gift buyers with personalised product recommendations based on your order history and their budget.

How does it work?

  • For example, what would you buy Dave in Bristol who already owns a DiamondBack Artisan rig, has his favourite Martinez hammer and the on-point Pica marker range?
  • You want to spend £100 approx. but have no idea where to start, but you do know he loves all things TF Tools.
  • The TF Elves would maybe suggest a Magclip, Mini Pry Bar, Trijig square or if his other family wanted to pitch in then maybe a banging new set of ISOtunes so he can rock out all day to his favourite tunes on site.

What you need to do?

Email us:

  1. Customer name & surname
  2. Budget you want to spend
  3. TF Elves will come back to you ASAP and do everything for you
  4. Feel delighted you've already done your Christmas shopping!


TF Elves can only help up to 15th of December as Santa needs their help too!

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