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⭐NEW Products ⭐For November - TF Tools Ltd

⭐NEW Products ⭐For November

TF Lucy has been busy looking for some cool new products just in time for Christmas. So here is a little look at what we have on offer now at TF.


We have a few new items from Tajima..

Tajima GT Jab saw knife - An efficient drywall tool. Unique, steel-reinforced jab saw that features an ergonomic elastomer handle and a replaceable razor-sharp cutting teeth.

The Tajima Convex Set which includes a measuring tape, cutter knife and also a cutter knife blade. The measuring tape that is included in this kit is 5m long, the knife is 18mm and you will get one box of 10 knife blades! A perfect little kit. 

We also have got the Tajima Convoy Super26 Sausage Gun 2way. This unique designed plunger enables every ounce of material to be released from the tube, and also easily removable.

And lastly from Tajima we have the Chalk Rite Dura III 45m (150ft)The new line with special weaving has more durability, enables to hold greater amount of chalk, and prevent line from getting tangled inside, comes with durable front plate / housing, shock-resistant case.


Another brand that we have decided to offer is Picard!!! A really affordable utility bar and flat pry bar. 

The Picard Pinching BlackGiant Utility-Bar - 250mm is perfectly shaped, super strong and is a heavy duty crow bar! 

We also have the Picard BlackGiant Flat Pry Bar which is 175mm. 


We also have an amazing pack of 4 Heavy Duty Chisels. This pack offers a chisel in 40mm, 32mm, 25mm and 20mm. 

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