✨NEW PRODUCTS✨ DiamondBack - TF Tools Ltd

✨NEW PRODUCTS✨ DiamondBack

We are super excited here at TF Tools to be able to offer the new DiamondBack GRRande rig V2.0..

DiamondBack The GRRande 2.0 - Right Hand and Left Hand

DiamondBack The GRRande V2.0 - Left Hand - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd

The king of all tool belts, the GRRande, has gotten even better. DiamondBack have developed the GRRande with Kyle Stumpenhorst (aka RRBuildings on YouTube and Instagram). Kyle is a Master Builder of agricultural buildings and always has a need for over-sized fasteners. We took feedback from Kyle and other DB users to make the GRRande 2.0.  

DiamondBack Ox Pouch 2.0

DiamondBack Ox Pouch V2.0 - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd

The Ox 2.0 is their largest non-dominant pouch, fraternal twin of the Mule 2.0 and half of our GRRande 2.0 Complete System. The customers spoke and they have listened. This new and improved version of the DiamondBack's highly popular standard Ox comes with an outer pocket divider perfect for Trim Square, cell phone or notebook.  

DiamondBack Mule Pouch V2.0 - DiamondbackTF Tools LtdThe Mule 2.0 still has the best aspects of the standard Mule, but they have updated and added a few key features. The gallon-plus main pocket has a large mouth, making access easy even in heavy duty gloves. It has ample storage space for large tools or even a driver. The internal tool slots of the main pocket are constructed to allow for a shorter break-in time. A four-slot driver bit index has been added to the top pocket. A webbing clip has been added to the backside of the pouch for hanging DB clip-on accessories or for storing slim tools. 

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