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✨NEW PRODUCT✨ - Badger Suspenders - TF Tools Ltd

✨NEW PRODUCT✨ - Badger Suspenders

We are super excited to be expanding our range of Badger products here at TF Tools. You guys have asked and we have delivered. 
Badger offers a fantastic carry which is designed to provide comfort and back support which is so important in day to day life. Not only are the belts built with this in mind, the suspenders have been designed to give that additional support. 
These suspenders will certainly help to distribute the weight across your shoulders and away from your hips. They are a 3 point system which attach to the metal loop on either side of the belt. These are situated at the front and also one centrally down your back which meets the back of the belt. 
We offer them in both Sawdust Sage and Gunmetal Grey, which will match the two colour ranges that we currently stock. 

Sawdust Sage

Sawdust Sage

Gunmetal Grey

What's really sweet about this design is the logo placement. When wearing the suspenders, you will have a small logo swatch at the top back of them. This is placed parallel with the logo on the back of the belt, which makes for a really smart finish.  

Back of gunmetal grey suspenders

Explore our full range of Badger Toolbelts now!!

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