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New Occidental Products!! 🤩 - TF Tools Ltd

New Occidental Products!! 🤩

Ay Leather Lovers!! Keep reading to check out our new Occi products!!

Introducing the...

5135 Comfort Belt

Black Version

Made with Latigo Leather and sweat wicking wool, this belt provides support and comfort all day long.
This quality 5” work belt is equipped with a 2” wide heavy Ranger belt overlay and nickel-plated steel heavy duty buckle and accessories.


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5500 - Electrician’s Tool Pouch

The Electrician’s Tool Pouch is an all leather pouch that incorporates 15 pockets and tool holders for most frequently used tools.
It includes a loop for flashlight, chain for electrical tape, quick release tool snap, heavy duty hammer holder, and pockets for screw drivers and specialised tools.

5589 - Electrician's Tool Case

The Electrician’s Tool Case is a leather belt worn commercial electricians case with 25 pockets and tool holders that accommodate all your tools. Includes heavy duty chain for electrical tape and a handy utility clip.

Designed exclusively for use by journeyman electricians.


B5018DB - 3 Pouch Pro Tool Bag with Tape Holder


One of the most popular tool bags now available in black leather. It features double outer bags and holders for pencils, work knife, lumber crayon, chisel, torpedo level, hammer and a holster for tapes up to 35’.

B5057 - Occidental Leather B5057 Pocket Caddy

This Pocket Caddy is a compact 4 pocket tool organiser that fits in your pocket protecting you, your tools, and your clothes. Ideal for small repair work, shop workers, gardeners, farm repair, and cabinetmakers.

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