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#MakeItVisible: Their journey so far this year

#MakeItVisible: Their journey so far this year

We want to give Rob and Lou from @MYHP:The Mental Health Podcast a massive shout out for all the amazing work that they do alongside the Lighthouse Charity! And all the others that help along the way to make this amazing charity offer such great help and advice!

So far this year...

They have visited an amazing 198 sites

They have engaged with a staggering 11,475 people

They helped an amazing 57 individuals that needed critical intervention and has dealt with 9 site critical incident team interventions!
We are so proud to know that there is someone out there like Rob, who tirelessly works to ensure there is the right help and most importantly information for all in the trades to be able to access should they need it. 

Here's some information which maybe useful for you or you know of someone that may need this:

Lighthouse club

Help is at hand

ROI help is at hand

Think this maybe something that you would be interested in getting to your site? Take a look here to get a bit more info about the #MakeItVisible campaign!

Want to Donate?

You can follow this link which will take you to the donate page!

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