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Lighthouse Charity Free Mental Health Courses  - Sign up here...

Lighthouse Charity Free Mental Health Courses - Sign up here...

Here at TF tools we have teamed up with "The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity" they are the only charity that provides emotional, physical and financial support to the construction community and their families. 

Their mission is to ensure that the construction community are fully supported for this generation and the next. Do you or someone you know sometimes feel overwhelmed - well Lighthouse are here to help, listen and support you and your loved ones.  

TF Tools would like to ensure our customers are fully aware of  "The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity"  and what they offer, keep your eyes peeled on socials for posts promoting their free online courses, here are some of the courses available and they are completely FREE, sign up below:

The Myths of Men’s Mental Health

This 1 hour session will discuss how men’s hormones, lifestyle and goal setting influence their mental health. 

 Suicide Awareness

Online tutor-led course (2.5 hours) will help enhance your understanding of the common reasons for suicide, spot the signs of suicidal thoughts and behaviour and equip you with skills to approach and talk to someone at risk and how to ensure their safety.
Online tutor-led course (1 hour) will explore the physical and mental effects of drugs and alcohol.
Online tutor-led sessions (1 hour every week, for 4 weeks) introductory course gives you the tools to incorporate a short meditation practice into your daily life.

Wellbeing Wednesday

These weekly 15-minute sessions will give you an opportunity to pause and re-set with guided meditation.

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