International Womens Day 2024

International Womens Day 2024

Lucy, Co-Founder of TF Tools

I feel so privileged to work with so many fantastic women. Kelly, our General Manager is my wingman helping me run TF Tools day to day and design fantastic content. She is fierce, loyal and owns it and I love this about her.

A huge shout to our Order fulfilment women: Bryony, Gemma, Kirsty and Linda. So much efficiency in one team you can't even get your head around it!!

Tracy and Alanna at Martinez Tools with their women lead assembly team who totally own it 💪

Alanna from Martinez

We are also blessed to work with some incredible women across our supplier brands:
Judy at Dead On Tools who's been our super friendly, efficient account manager from the beginning.
Karenza at Trigjig, another small business who's is totally on it 👌. 

Scott, Co-Founder of TF Tools

Although the Co-Founder of TF Tools, I continue to run our Carpentry & oak Framing Company, TF Timbers full time.

It's been such a privilege to stand in the sidelines and see how TF Tools has grown and flourished under Lucy's incredible directorship, leadership and vision. Her unstoppable dedication and diligence has been inspirational and I am awestruck at how expertly she navigates every new challenge that lands in her lap.

The team that Lucy has at her back is an unparalled team of talented devoted women who work so hard to ensure that TF Tools is the best that it can be. It humbles me to see how they work together and support each other every day, constantly looking out for each other and lifting each other up at every opportunity.

IWD is an opportunity to acknowledge the women you spend every day with and to let them know how much you respect what they do.

Kelly, General Manager

I am so grateful to be alive in an era where we are all encouraged to be the best that we can be. To be who we want to be and to strive for your dreams no matter how big or small.

I am so incredibly lucky to have been brought up by the strongest women I know, my Mum. She taught me everything is possible, with hard work, commitment and support, you can achieve anything. We have been through one of the toughest experiences life can throw at you recently, but she still continues to be the best she can be and that is inspirational.

Lucy... Well what can I say! She is hard working, kind, funny and of course a role model. I look up to her, for many reasons and she inspires us daily. I am so incredibly lucky to have found TF and of course Lucy. Not only is she our boss but she is a very lovely friend.

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