Happy Oktoberfest!! 🍻 - TF Tools Ltd

Happy Oktoberfest!! 🍻

Happy Oktoberfest!! 🍻

Team TF wish all our German followers and anyone who's getting involved with Oktoberfest a great couple weeks!!!

Little bit of a backstory:

Oktoberfest began as a wedding ceremony over 200 yrs ago, on 12th October, 1810. Multiple days of horse races, eating and, of course, drinking followed in celebration, which went onto become an annual event. 
Oktoberfest celebrations can be found alllll over the world, even in Bristol! But the main event is in Munich, where the first Oktoberfest occurred.
Bavarian music is played and clothing, such as dirndls and lederhosen, are worn in tradition. The original six Munich breweries still provide the beer too! 🎉🍺

Our German Brands:

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To conclude, we hope everyone has a great couple weeks of drinking and having a good time! 😎🤩🎉🎉


Credit: time.com

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