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Celebrating Black History Month 2022

At TF we wanted to both educate ourselves and also inspire others in the TF Community to learn more about Black History Month and some of the key figures in the USA who were monumental in Mechanical Construction but were either disregarded or excluded from their achievements because of racial discrimination.

I had a chat with Damani at DiamondBack who shared information with us on some of the black contributions made to the trade industries.

Damani; These are the stories that are seldom told but truly helped shape and define generations. It has always been my belief that Black History month should be a reminder of those who have been systematically erased from our historical lexicon, or forgotten due to lack of past recognition.

As we move forward with a better understanding of how to tell the collective "OurStory" of our nations, I find that it only makes sense to bring attention to these people, who were amazing individuals, that just happened to be black.

I read about A. Philip Randolph, who's passion, determination set the foundations for the future shift in change for American Americans in USA.

A. Philip Randolph was a labour leader and civil rights activist who founded the nation’s first major Black labour union, the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters (BSCP) in 1925.

In the 1930s, his organizing efforts helped end both racial discrimination in defense industries and segregation in the U.S. armed forces. Randolph was also a principal organizer of the March on Washington in 1963, which paved the way for passage of the Civil Rights Act the following year.

Looking specifically to the Construction industry - here are some brief snapshots of inventors spanning the last two centuries who have been instrumental in some of our technology within mechanical construction today.

Lewis Howard Latimer

19th Century inventor best known for improving the production method of carbon filaments in lightbulbs. But he also made two contributions to plumbing and heating/cooling. In 1886 Latimer patented a precursor to modern air conditioning. 

Alice H. Parker

Early 20th Century inventor who in 1919 she filed a patent on a gas-powered furnace system, complete with a duct structure to carry heat to multiple rooms. Her design was never used, but her idea of a single-source system, heated by gas and delivered to multiple spaces, paved the way for modern gas-furnace heating.

Frederick McKinley Jones

Mid 20th Century inventor, imagining and building devices ranging from portable x-ray units to transmitters to movie ticket dispensers. He held over 60 patents for various inventions.

But perhaps his most famous was the portable air-cooling unit, which he invented for trucks carrying groceries and products that required refrigeration

Adrienne Bennett

In the late-20th Century, the CEO of Benkari Mechanical LLC. Bennett received her master plumber license in 1987—becoming the first Black woman in the United States to do so

Read the full article here

It is just as important to acknowledge the accomplishments of the current and also future generations as well. We want to give a shout out to Damani Harrison, Chief Style Officer at DiamondBack Toolbelts.

We have been working with Damani since he first joined Connor a few years ago. Damani is not only an awesome guy who works with passion, energy and determination. He also totally bosses it at DiamondBack and has helped the company grow hugely in the past few years, marking their place in the industry.

We think he deserves a shout out in his own right in this Blog too!

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