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Spotlight: World Suicide Prevention Day 10th Sept, @myhpodcast - TF Tools Ltd

Spotlight: World Suicide Prevention Day 10th Sept, @myhpodcast

Rob at @myhpodcast took some time out this weekend to chat to us about World Suicide Prevention Day.

"In the construction industry physical health and safety is everywhere! Its drummed down you neck from the moment you step on site and rightly so! construction sites are a dangerous place and you could have an accident and die.

But the biggest killer in construction is suicide!

The UK construction industry is leading the way in physical safety but we are falling behind with the mental safety of our work force, this need to change!

That is why I started The MYH Podcast nearly 2 years ago to help make mental health and well-being visible in the construction industry. We invite guests on once a month to come and tell us about there journey with mental health. You can catch the latest episodes here  (11) The MYH Podcast - YouTube you can also follow what we get upto on a daily basis here   MYHP:The Mental Health Podcast (@myhpodcast) • Instagram photos and videos

 I have worked in the industry for 22 years now and it has come along way but we still how work to do. A few years ago I had my own mental health journey and I didn’t know which way to turn. Luckily for me I worked for a good company and they looked after me.

For the workers that aren’t so lucky there is an amazing charity out the who can help. Its called The Lighthouse Club it is 100% construction focused and help you and your family with a vast array of services from tax returns to mental health and well-being support and so much more.

They are ready to help 24/7 on 0345 605 1956 or you can text HARDHAT to 85258 you can also visit them online at   Lighthouse Club - The Construction Industry Charity   

I feel we are at a tipping point and things are starting to really change, we still have a long way to go but together we can smash that stigma and stop people in our industry taking there own life.

If you feel you need a little bit of help and support please reach out and ask for help you are never alone and now matter how are or deep the problem is it always gets better! I promise.

Check in with friends and family remember to ask twice and always be kind because you could be the difference in someone’s day  

Remember its not mental health that is killing 2 construction workers a day it the STIGMA if we all start talking we can change that for the better."

Thanks Rob, keep doing what you do :-)

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Helen Le Gallais - ਸਤੰਬਰ 16, 2022

As someone who general has suffered from mental health issues over the years for varying reasons. Gender dysphoria to ptsd from service in Bosnia etc there have been other issues but now I’m on a level playing field. Some of my issues was self acceptance but having someone to talk to who doesn’t know you can sometimes be the best therapy. So please please don’t leave it to late as i nearly did so please take care of your mental and physical health equally. Take care and live thanks Helen

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