Meet The... TF Community, Oli

Meet The... TF Community, Oli

Next up on meet the TF Community. We spoke to Oli @withbearhandsuk

How did you start in the trade?

 I started in around 2013, after working in film and tv for a decade as an illustrator/set dresser. The nature of the industry is short contracts and after 10 years of not know when your next job was I quit and started working for a friend as a roofer. After 18 months of that I knew that wasn’t for me but building things I designed was, and so began Withbearhands.

What aspect do you enjoy the most?

The love the first stages of designing a building, getting ideas on to paper as a jumping off point to start building. Then when i am actually building the things it’s once the frame is up and you can walk around the space is when the real magic started!

 What is your favourite job that you have completed?

It’s got to be the one I’ve just finished , Chatan , a two storey cabin deep in the woods in Devon, looking out over a rewilding estate it’s pretty amazing!

What is the one tool that you cannot live without?

My pencil…. I love the classic Pica marker and i use it probably every 30 seconds 😂

What do you enjoy doing in your downtime?

 Music , I play in a band with my friends , it’s such a good laugh, playing in front of people and connecting with the audience is ace!


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