Meet.. The TF Community @woodsheddesign

Meet.. The TF Community @woodsheddesign

We had a chat with one of our long standing customers Jakub @woodsheddesign

 1. How did you start in the trade?

It was back in Czech republic when I finish college my uncle has a roofing company and he was looking for more members to join in so I jump in and that's my journey.

 2. What aspect do you enjoy the most?

I love woodwork (carpentry) the most, it's a beautiful material to work with the smell and all.

 3. What is your favourite job that you have completed?

Mine favourite job I completed is a bathroom I done like 2 years ago I never ever before done tiling and plumbing and the bathroom turn out nice.

 4. What is the one tool that you cannot live without?

Mine favourite kit I can't be without is my Diamondback toolbelt.

 5. What do you enjoy doing in your downtime? 

In my spare time I enjoy to ride my bike and enjoy the nature around all the forests and lands

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