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Meet The... TF Community, Ryan @opusskateparks - TF Tools Ltd

Meet The... TF Community, Ryan @opusskateparks

Next up on meet the TF Community. We spoke to Ryan @opusskateparks

Tell us a little about what you do day in day out for your job

Concrete Skatepark construction ! We do everything from the initial groundwork’s & drainage, steel fixing, Formwork, Shotcrete and concrete finishing! I’m lucky to work with some really talented guys with massive skill sets so there’s nothing on the projects we don’t really do. 

Concrete skate park

How did you start in the trade?

I worked for my father straight out of school doing woodwork. He was always pretty work obsessed/work proud so I learnt loads from my Dad.  After work my friends and I would build DIY ramps quite a lot at my friends barn. 

One time we actually built a decent one and it got me thinking about all the wooden skateparks throughout the country and who is building them? And how can I too? My Dad thought I was mad at first for leaving the family business to pursue building skateparks however I often offered the guys who owned the wooden skateparks a hand in building them. I would speak to one of the owners of a local one and go ride often to mither him for work. Eventually he gave me a shot on a project of his and I worked hard and managed to build wooden skateparks for about 3 years. 

Skate park

Seeking more work in the industry I noticed a company looking to employ people for concrete skateparks, being more of a woodwork guy I was quite sceptical about concrete work but when I started I loved it, there is so much variation to the work and the Formwork and steel fixing side of it is actually really satisfying, however your tools definitely don’t stay as clean… 

People wouldn’t believe how many concrete skateparks are getting built across the UK and beyond. I’ve been fortunate to have travelled all over the country and a lot of places in the world thanks to this job

What aspect do you enjoy the most?

From having a woodwork background I love doing the Formwork for sure. But you cannot beat pouring concrete. There’s something about it! It can be absolute chaos and non stop but that’s why it’s so good also concrete work is notoriously hard work too, and when people in the concrete industry see the free form shapes we create and the finish we get. It’s really impressive!

You get a lot of job satisfaction from achieving stuff that a lot of people think isn’t possible with the material you are using.

What is your favourite job that you have completed?

The farm bowl in Devon was a private bowl we built for a guy who is now a close friend. That was the first project that me and my friends did under the company @opusskateparks and got everyone talking about our level of building in the UK. We didn’t make much money, but we all had so much passion and drive for the project it came out amazing and got things going for us. 

What is the one tool that you cant live without?

Most of our concrete tools we make ourself, they are priceless for shaping the concrete. But my Formwork tools I’m guilty for loving the Martinez set up.

The Martinez m79 is popular among a few of the crew, but I also love my Martinez speed square with level vial, really good for working out angles of the banks ramps, and just most commonly for running my skil saw down to always get square cuts 

What do you enjoy doing in your downtime?

I don’t ride BMX so much nowadays but being around skateparks all the time it makes me feel like I do. Sounds kinda sad but nowadays work is almost my hobby. Instead of buying bike parts I love buying tools 😂 

My downtime varies. Right now it’s working on my house and spending time with partner Hannah and our new born son Jesse. (Second generation skatepark builder)

Do you actually skate yourself?

My background has mainly been BMX. But working with skateboarders the last ten years has led me to pick up a skateboard which I do love too now. 

What is your favourite trick?

On my BMX it would be a turndown! (Pic attached ) On a skateboard it would just be a carving a bowl as I ain’t got many tricks on that! 

Photo Credits📸: Ryan @opusskateparks 

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