Meet the TF Community: @keelsjoinery

Meet the TF Community: @keelsjoinery

Next up on meet the TF Community. We spoke to Chris from @keelsjoinery

What is your EDC for most of the work you do?

Hammer, tape, pencil, square, small spanner, nail pullers, smaller square, flat head and POSI screw driver, bashing chisel

Why did you choose the toolbelt you have now? (If more than one set up, why?)

I have the smaller diamond back (wee custom set up with a 2 inch belt, CLAVO pouch with a tape holder and hammer loop) which I use for finishing work, its lighter and I usually need less in the belt so it work out more agile.

Second fix is usually more fragile work and it doesn't get in the way/less likely to cause damage if the belt is smaller.

I have a bigger diamond back set up (artisan rig), usually the site is bigger for first fix and your moving around bigger areas so you need to carry more tools on you.

Bigger isn't always better, lay out all your essential tools and consider what is going where, are you right or left handed etc, would all those tools fit in the set up and are they easy to reach/use. Also where is the belt going in the van, does it have a spot, are you going to hang it up to store it etc? Also would you prefer a vest, belt or harness, what would be more comfortable with your work wear underneath.

Don't rush into buying something just because its trendy, as they can be expensive, really think about what will suit you in your work day over all as you will be wearing it all day every day

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