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Meet the... Team : Zoe, Office Manager

Meet the... Team : Zoe, Office Manager

What do you do at TF?

As Office Manager, I oversee all your Customer Service queries.

Chances are if you are emailing us, DM-ing on socials or on our webchat, you are chatting with me :-) I joined in May 24 & learning about all the brands & products across the TF range, that make your site life easier.

We have some new projects coming up at TF which I will be working on, watch this space!


What work have you done before TF?

My career started in London when I worked for a commodity broker - I worked in the shipping department, I have somehow managed to forge a career out of working in "International Trade" for the last 25+ years. I also more recently deviated into working with disadvantaged Children - still mentor, which I love.   

What's your favourite tool we sell & why?

When Lucy introduced me to some of the products, one brand stood out, the Occidental Red Leather tool belt. OMG - totally reminds me of a Mulberry Oxblood handbag , and who doesn't love a "Mulberry"  - am currently wondering how I can incorporate one into my capsule wardrobe.

What do you for fun?

Exploring new places and cultures is my passion, from a quick weekend away to an epic adventure, I am always up for my next trip.
Eating and drinking with friends is one of my favourite activities, its ALWAYS a good time.  

But most ultimately my favourite people to hang out with are my kids and family, I love it what ever we are doing.

If you could eat or drink one food forever what would it be?

I am far too greedy to narrow this down to one food, so it will have to be an entire continent, Asia, or if pushed - Thai.

What does working at TF mean to you?

I have only just started working at TF tools but what truly stands out is their commitment to customer service, the thought and interaction with EVERY customer is top notch. The systems are modern, cutting edge and streamline - its exciting being part of such an innovative team. Of course Lucy, Kelly and Scott are also fab too. I feel blessed to have landed such a job ANNNND its just down the road. 

Favourite playlist to work to?

I am pretty easy to please with music (although my husband would disagree) I like anything upbeat, from the 90s rave scene, to Hip Hop to Motown. Anything with a good uplifting beat!


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