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Meet the... Team: Tiggy & Nemo, Ziggy & Zulu - TF Tools Ltd

Meet the... Team: Tiggy & Nemo, Ziggy & Zulu & Chester

Meet Team TF dogs, these guys hang out with us daily and we wouldn't be without them 💛

Introducing Tiggy - rescue lurcher, 9 years old, super sassy

Favourite thing to do - run after small furries & eat cheese

Least favourite thing to do - listen to us

Introducing Nemo - ex-racing Greyhound, 5 yrs old, won half of his races, all brawn

Favourite thing to do - lean against you heavily for strokes

Least favourite thing to do - share your attention with anyone else

Introducing Ziggy - 10 years young, a little pug who is convinced he's a human

Favourite thing to do - Bark at birds flying over his air space

Least favourite thing to do - Chase a ball, if you chuck it you get it

Introducing Zulu - 4 years old, super clever, gets what he wants at all costs

Favourite thing to do - Cuddle anyone and everyone

Least favourite thing to do - Be in the same room as a hoover

Introducing Chester - ex- racing Greyhound, about 9 years old, and a super Divo!

Favourite thing to do - wallow in a smelly ditch on a "hot" day.

Least favourite thing to do  - have a shower after wallowing in the smelly ditch. 

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