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Meet the... Team: Lucy, Founder

Meet the... Team: Lucy, Founder

What do you do at TF?

I oversee the running of TF & our team; from customer service to new products and Spotify playlists to marketing!

What work have you done before TF?
When I left University, I started work in Financial Services where I trained as a Mortgage & Protection Advisor, I have worked always work in roles where advise and customer service came first. 

I worked for an Carpenter Oak & Woodland, an oak framing company, designing & estimating oak frames, which is where I met TF Scott :-) When we were made redundant in 2012, we started our own Oak Framing & Carpentry business - TF Timbers Ltd.

In 2016 we then started TF Tools Ltd, while I also worked for a Contracts Manager for a Property Development company until TF Tools became enough work for me full time in 2018 :-)

We have an awesome network of brands we work with & have had some fantastic times visiting them in the USA at JLC, STAFDA and Hardware show, Cologne.

What's your favourite tool we sell & why?
My favourite tool is the Martinez Alcatraz M1 15oz Titanium hammer, Scott came up with the name for this colour combo. It is one of our baddest looking hammers and the Orange is just stand out the best colour in their range for me.

What do you for fun?
I love being outdoors so spend a lot of time walking Tiggy & Nemo, our greyhound & lurcher in the countryside in Somerset.

I have recently become addicted to Drum & Bass, and also strength training (mainly so I can eat cake & drink wine). Also, love a good book and continuing my learning, recently I completed my MBA in Business which was pretty tough in Covid but very worthwhile and help us improve some of the processes in Team TF.

If you could eat or drink one food forever what would it be?
Pork scratchings.... I would probably regret this

What does working at TF mean to you?
I love the business we have built, our customers and team are our community & it's just awesome that as a small business you can just try new things out all the time, if they don't work, it doesn't matter but it's always fun.

Favourite playlist to work to?
Following a recent team night out at a silent disco - D&B is my go-to playlist choice to keep us all buzzing through the day


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Helen Le Gallais - ਅਗਸਤ 31, 2022

It’s always great being able to put a face to the name of the person you’ve had contact with when you’ve had some queries. It’s nice getting to know you Lucy I hope you achieve all you want in life ❤️

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