Meet the...Team: Kel - TF Tools Ltd

Meet the...Team: Kel, General Manager

Kelly has been with TF Tools since 2022, her current role is General Manager 

What do you do at TF?

I help Lucy with the day to day running of TF from ordering stock to helping answer your questions. I also create all of TF's marketing material which is sent out weekly. I try to dabble in a bit of Blog writing and also help with jobs on the website. Photoshop is one of my favourite things, so if there is any artwork that needs creating then I will be straight on it. 

What work have you done before TF?

Before TF, I worked for a company where I managed a department in charge of making personalised items. I also worked on their website, designed new products and general customer service queries if needed. I have also got teaching experience, mainly sports coaching where I worked in a secondary school helping with covering lessons which certainly kept me on my toes. 

What's your favourite tool we sell & why?

My favourite tool has got to be the little 1.5" jigs from Squi.Jig. Literally love their whole range especially as they have many uses. I also really like the electric Blue colour that has been used and the new Black and Cherry has a really cool bit of artwork etched on the side. Nice touch. 

I also have to mention the Martinez Dark Knight! If I owned one, I couldn't bring myself to use it! I just think it looks awesome all in one colour. 

What do you for fun?

For fun.. Well I love playing Netball and watching all sport but mainly Football and Rugby. A Saturday has always been designated for sports whether that's me playing or going to watch some local games. 

If you could eat or drink one food forever what would it be?

If I could eat one thing forever it would 100% be pizza, but being half Italian it would have to be that made by my Nona for sure! And to wash that down with a crisp cold glass of Pinot would just be perfect!

What does working at TF mean to you?

TF means everything to me. We all have to work so that we can do cool things in our spare time, but I never thought I would find somewhere I genuinely love going to each day. Lucy and Scott are the kindest people you will ever meet and they are so caring towards the whole team. I am so grateful to work with Ira also, she is such fun in and out of the office. 

Also, working to help our customers is super rewarding! When we get kind comments, it always puts a smile on our faces. 

You wont know how lucky you are with a job until you have worked here! 

Favourite playlist to work to?

I would say that I am open to any genre of music! It depends on the day really however I am partial to a little Drum and Bass but equally love a good Indie playlist when I am feeling a little more chilled out. My all time favourite band is The Foo Fighters, so if that was included in ANY play list I would be very happy! 

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